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Litza Bixler is an American and British artist and storyteller. She was raised in southern Colorado where she initially trained as a visual artist and studied Fine Art at the University of Colorado. Having danced seriously since the age of 12, Litza gradually shifted her focus from illustrative art to performance art. After completing an undergraduate degree in Performance Studies, she went on to receive her masters degree in Choreography, Ethnochoreology, and Dance Theory from the University of Surrey.


As a film choreographer and filmmaker with a great deal of experience in the industry and the arts, Litza's choreography is embodied with a knack for natural comedy and emotional nuance. With a keen eye for visual spectacle, she produces work that is unusual, distinctive, and engaging. Litza has worked with a variety of world class actors, artists, and personalities including Hugh Jackman, David Beckham, Colin Firth, Jude Law, Simon Pegg, Martin Freeman, Chris O'Dowd, Nick Frost, Lake Bell, Jessica Biel, Sienna Miller, Moloko, Muse, Razorlight, Jessie J, Rafe Spall, Stephen Merchant, and Sam Rockwell.


Some of her projects include Choreographic Production for the salsa film Cuban Fury, Edgar Wright's latest film The World's End and Speed of Light, a live art piece featuring hundreds of runners in light suits, Executive Production on Opponent, a short film fusing boxing and dance for Channel Four, as well as choreographing the films Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim VS. The World, and the newly released musical film Walking On Sunshine featuring pop icon Leona Lewis.


Over the years, Litza has constantly sought out new creative challenges. She often uses the transforming body as her inspiration when creating characters, developing narratives, and to explore how dance can portray diverse meanings to the audience. In addition to her expertise in film choreography, Litza has also developed ideas for film and television, writing several short and feature length screenplays. Currently, Litza is writing her first novel, which she hopes to release in the near future.

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