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Creative Directors

Collaboration is the absolute joining of like forces with a set of distinct contributions....The ability to create something great with more than one idea. And more importantly, the safety and security in the quality of a thing that you allow to be a part of your experience....that’s when you really have it. That’s when you have something rarely seen and simply amazing.


Famed directors Travis Payne and Stacy Walker knew a long time ago, that they held the anecdote to brilliant creative productions in their imaginations. A match made in movement paradise, Payne and Walker have branded themselves an unbeatable pair with near perfect execution, above par professionalism and chief observers of artistic nuances.


Maybe it’s the combination of Stacy Walker’s experience with choreographing movement across multi-media platforms for film, television and international brands and Travis Payne’s ability to see far beyond an artistic notion guided by formative and classical training in movement and vast experiences in global production. Or maybe genius was in the water years ago in Atlanta, Georgia when these two were friends as kids and coming of age. Regardless of what forces were at work, they’re here, they have arrived and it’s been an amazing journey for the two since they began work in 1997 on the late great King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s short film, GHOSTS.


No doubt it was kismet from there. Stacy enjoyed quiet notoriety for her work with commercial brands the likes of Kia, Dr. Pepper, Chrysler, Old Navy, American Idol and also enjoyed great work with film companies such as Lionsgate, Regency Films and more. Travis’ on the other hand was on overload working with the likes of Cher, Sting, Mariah Carey, Brandi, Janet Jackson to name a few; with public acknowledgement of Travis’ brand of choreography and creative direction taking root with Michael Jackson. But it wasn’t until the two combined vision, expertise and creative ideas, did the magic truly happen.


Instantly the tide turned. Ultimately, they reached their apex with their work on 2009’s This Is It, the highest grossing docu-film in history. Prior to this the duo enhanced the careers of Lady Gaga, Usher, Brian McKnight and a host of marquis artists. The two also lent themselves to major Hollywood franchises and enviable legacy work such as ABC’s, Dancing with the Stars, The American Music Awards, Michael Jackson’s Televised Tribute and world renowned, Cirque Du Soleil. Collectively, there wasn’t a moment when the two weren’t fast at work. Travis and Stacy then set their sights on going abroad and began intensive work in Asian countries.


In recent years, much of Payne and Walker’s work has been invested in the Asian market. In 2010, the two would completely inspire a ‘wow-factor’ in a well-documented transformation of Filipino inmates changing lives with the rigorous training of iconic Michael Jackson choreography. That process was chronicled by major press outlets worldwide giving Travis and Stacy the legitimacy of philosophy added to their above par resume and over 21 million views on YouTube. Simultaneously, the two steadily worked with the Seoul, Korea’s fan crazed musical entity, 2NE1 and in 2012 they covered the group’s next two tours which ended in 2014. This work experience included work with K POP- YG and G DRAGON with his first solo tour in 2013 and creative work with Playzone from 2010 until 2015. The two, however highly celebrated have executed work to rave reviews including Payne’s three MTV ‘Moonman’ Awards, two Emmy nominations, two MVPA Awards and two BOB FOSSE AMERICAN CHOREOGRAPHY Awards. All signifying the greatness of the minds of these individuals and the power they bring as a collective.