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Prodigious, brilliant, ambitious and compassionate, Travis Payne’s road to success has been paved with the yellow bricks of creative hunger, thirst and tenacity. He didn’t need a heart, a brain or courage…he needed only to see the wizard. At a young age Atlanta native Payne had to know that the only true road to success happens when preparation meets opportunity, because instinctively he would set this philosophy in motion. He studied, practiced and learned; continuing in that trifecta with a rare intense focus. As an aspiring professional with stars in his eyes, he knew where he was going, knew what it took, however unsure as to how he would get there. So daily Travis would practice and prepare himself for that ultimate moment. With fortitude and personal goal sets Travis passionately practiced the latest choreography of some of the greatest entertainers of that time and in 1990, his practice and commitment would make for a perfect break through.


At 19 years of age, a chance submission of Travis executing Janet Jackson’s critically acclaimed Rhythm Nation choreography fell into her hands and Travis Payne’s career would be officially launched. As a dancer in Janet’s record breaking Rhythm Nation 1814 World Tour, Travis’ formal and classical dance training fused with his passion and innate skill for the art yielded him the proper benefit. Life would never be the same for Payne and with that he was set to move life to Hollywood.


Once he settled in the City of Angels the laws of attraction transcended opportunity for him to come face to face with his personal performance idols, celebrated choreographer, director and producer Kenny Ortega, dance icon Paula Abdul, dance visionary and choreographer Michael Peters and the beloved dancer, choreographer, actress and director/producer Debbie Allen. One can definitely see the levels of Payne’s talent in the contacts he naturally made.


Travis was soon fielding offers to work with Prince, Debbie Allen, En Vogue, TLC, and Michael Jackson on his Dangerous Tour. Working with Jackson extensively, Payne began to see and live the entire creative process personally, and soon began to choreograph for such luminaries as Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and Beyoncé. Inclusive in his esteemed list of credits, he choreographed the debut music video for Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, and re-teamed with Scherzinger to provide the artistic direction for her critically acclaimed performances on both the 2007 MTV Video Awards and “So You Think You Can Dance". He also worked with American Idol Jordan Sparks on her first album. Subsequently, Payne has choreographed, danced, and created music videos and tours for megastars ranging from Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson to Madonna, Sting, Faith Hill and Britney Spears. Payne has placed his stamp on such popular films as Coyote Ugly, The Cable Guy and “From Justin to Kelly,” staged personalities like Jim Carrey, Elizabeth Hurley and Halle Berry to Marilyn Manson, and choreographed television events and commercial campaigns including Target’s Product People and The Gap’s Khaki Swing campaigns (for the latter, he won an Obie Award for his impressive presentation and choreography). In 2002, Payne directed Usher’s Evolution 8701 World Tour and the video clips within, and in 2003, under the direction of Kenny Ortega, Travis choreographed Sirens of TI, for the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, a show which is performed nightly and has set Vegas attendance records.


The youngest inductee into the Gallery of Greats, and the recipient of numerous nominations and awards, Travis has been honored with the MTV Award for Best Choreography four times: for his work on En Vogue's “My Lovin’” and “Free Your Mind,” En Vogue's duet with Salt-n-Pepa “Whatta Man.” This work with EnVogue launched a branding direction for which the esteemed girl group would come to be known; at a standard for which the world would come to expect. The fourth MTV Award for Best Choreography would be for Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson’s ground-breaking “Scream” video. His accolades for his work with The King of Pop catapulted what would be known as the most successful creative collaboration in modern performance, working extensively with Jackson for 16 years of Travis’ illustrious career until the day of Michael’s untimely death. Payne’s work with Michael Jackson would continue to be celebrated as he received three American Choreography Awards, including honors for his work on “Scream” and Michael Jackson’s “Ghosts”. Moreover, Payne was nominated for an Emmy for his work with Michael Jackson on the MTV Music Awards opening segment. His additional award winning work continued with Emmy nominations in 2006 for his work on Disney’s “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody". A two-time recipient of the prestigious Music Video Producers Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography, for his work with the Brian Setzer Orchestra for “Jump, Jive and Wail,” and for his work on “Ally McBeal".


2009 saw Payne as the human module for Nintendo Wii’s highest selling game, The Michael Jackson Experience and served as the Associate Director as well as choreographer for the This Is It concerts until Michael Jackson’s unexpected passing. Payne was then involved in both creating and producing Jackson’s memorial service and feature film version of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It,” which are both nominated for 2010 NAACP Image Awards. He serves as associate producer for Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT, and along with the director, Kenny Ortega, has been extensively and intimately involved in the making of the film. Payne was also handpicked by Janet Jackson to help mold her tribute performance to the late King of Pop at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and was included in Michael Jackson’s Opus Book.


2010 began Travis’ experience as principle choreographer for Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson Tribute productions which have exceed the totals of hundreds of millions of dollars. The global tour Immortal has wowed audiences from Detroit to Dubai and the abbreviated version of that production Michael Jackson One which opened to rave reviews at the famed Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas securing a residency there for a record 20 years.


Currently, Travis Payne’s career is turning a new and quite colorful leaf. He is taking his artistic directing experience and his entrepreneurial spirit for a spin. 2012 saw the launching of Travis Payne Performance Apparel, a collection of performance shoes, rehearsal gear and couture performance costuming that has shown not only brilliance but a futuristic move toward human brand extension rarely seen in the dance and choreography world. Payne has also, orchestrated a team to create and produced creative content for television and film a vehicle for his wild imaginative concepts to come to life. Payne began his creative life, vision first, passion, practice and execution, and is continuing in that vein same formula in tow.

Presently, Travis Payne resides in Los Angeles, California and is maintaining Travis Payne Productions from his Atlanta-based office, enjoying the success of his clothing line with his Italian based partners Runic and design team Colin Turner and Elijah Hue. Travis is maintaining a hectic performance and choreography schedule worldwide executing original work and as the choreographer of record for the Michael Jackson Estate.




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